T&A Group (PTY) ltd

South Africa

Financial Management

Financial investment

Financial Accounting

Money transfer

  • Assist the company's senior management in getting the right financial decisions
  • Financial Accounting: In all commercial and non-profit corporations
  • Industrial accounting: in all industrial units and manufacturing companies
  • State accounting: In all government agencies and agencies as accounting or accounting officer
  • Tax accounting: In asset offices
  • Insurance accounting: In insurance companies

T&A Group.

At T&A Group we believe there is a better way to invest. A way that it simple, easy and good value - that puts you in control, by giving you the tools to build your expertise. A way that increases your confidence to make informed decisions and helps you to prosper - your way. With easy-to-use platforms, efficient execution, transparent pricing and expert assistance, you can adapt your plans to suit your unique needs - with the reassurance provided by a global leader in direct investing.

  • Financial Management Money transfer
  • Financial investment
  • Financial Consultant
  • International Banking Consultant
  • Buy and Sell Securities
  • Monitoring the financial issues of companies to ensure their legality
  • Analyze market trends in order to find opportunities for better financing, investing in new projects or outsourcing competing companies